Frequently Asked Questions & Info:

Climate and Geography:

We have over 300 days of sunshine, with little rainfall.  Las Vegas lies in the Mojave Desert.

Besides the neon 24 hour strip resorts within approx 1 hour of the airport, exists a diverse terrain including the world's largest man-made lake, small towns, 10,000 foot elevation forests, epic desert roads and vistas, at both national and local recreation areas which allow productions.  Other opportunities are available farther away and workable out of Las Vegas.

Do you maintain an online library?

An online library is not maintained, but we can create a private site for projects via web delivery for rental by password for your project.

Do you assist with booking hotel rooms, vehicle rentals, crew and other production needs?

Yes depending on the size of your production it may require a full time coordinator or travel agent.

Is experienced crew/talent available locally?

Generally yes but check availability each time.

Can we film or take photos in casinos?

For productions with approvals it is allowed but not for personal use.

How long should we allow for permits?

While times vary more time is better and some places require anywhere from 7 to 30 days for processing at a minimum.